As Above, So Below

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Things I accomplished today:

Shared my short but meaningful commentary on tradition with friends that will undoubtedly be buried in the bowels of Facebook, fell asleep at the wheel (while parked), successfully avoided Target employees on my shopping cart jet ski (there was hardly anyone around, I had to) for 10 whole minutes before crashing into an aisle of goldfish crackers, potentially pulled a muscle in said crash, smiled at just about every forlorn and unattached looking soul, and helped an old lady carry bags to her car.

Not my most productive post all-nighter but it was a good day. Tired and feeling like hell yet pleasantly amused at the grand scope of things. How can one not be?


I like to approach this holiday by reaching out for a big ephemeral hug. You’re all my Valentines. I mean it. Now go out there and spread the love. You don’t need to be manic about it. A warm smile or a lighthearted joke at just the right moment would suffice. But don’t stop with today, make it a daily practice.

This is my signature move when balance is needed. Be inclusive, not exclusive. It’s worked on ex lovers who didn’t know when to give up pet names or other emotional artifacts, and it’s worked on days like today when everyone “has something to say.”

I usually say nothing when the holidays come and go. I like seeing smiling faces and trust real people remain genuine in their approach. I commune with humanity when there is good will to be found.

But once in a while it’s worth kicking up a little dust on perspective.

The transcendental union between two beings is sacred and deserves to be celebrated in an intimate way, no? Why do it with everyone else on a pseudo Christian holiday with no solid historical connection? Once you get underneath all the tacky fanfare and reach those few questionably disconnected threads you find there was more than one Valentine on a path of bloody martyrdom. You can thank Chaucer for the medieval poetry further diluting fact into lore and those popular yet shall remained unnamed card pushers for the fluffy rhetoric.

This is something that has always bothered me about the major holidays. They have either been appropriated from preexisting cultures to assimilate opposing ideologies or have been entirely fabricated by corporations after the money in your wallet. Everyone just accepts these “special” parts of the year because they were spoonfed it that way from the cradle. The more interesting among us might add some flair along the way, but stay glued to these particular points in the ever churning cycle.

If you’re gonna love someone, then do it right.

I believe in the power of tradition, but only when we create it for ourselves.