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"You’re so wise, how do you stay sane on this planet?"

— addressunknownn

It can be a daily challenge, trust me. It helps to adopt a compassionate perspective whenever possible, and to let its absence ring loudly when it falters. There is a lot of pain and violence in the world that can make you turn in on yourself, but when it crosses your path there is the opportunity to become a witness to it. If you can see that the violations a person commits against others stems from deep inner turmoil you help absolve the struggle a little bit every time someone unconsciously acts out. This does not mean we condone malevolence, we honestly recognize it as an active force in the world and that awareness, if compassionately acknowledged, aids in shifting such polarities.

"Repression leads to violation. Violation leads to repression. Unexamined, each sets the stage for the other, played out from one generation to the next. Recognized with compassion, the cycle is ended, and we go on to something else."

— Rodolfo Scarfalloto, The Alchemy of Opposites

Controlled Sex / Free Sex

Those who advocate control and censorship of all things sexual seem to be at odds with those who advocate free expression of sexuality. From a purely intellectual level, the two do appear to be mutually exclusive. Their inherent unitity becomes visible only when we use Pure Will (the observer) to recognize the feelings which underlie the two polarities.

The choice to give free and full expression to sexuality comes from the knowing that it is an amazingly potent creative force, and a source of power, wisdom and freedom. The tendency to censor sex is based on the same unconscious knowing—a sealed memory that knows full well the potency of sex. Since this knowing is unconscious, it is expressed as fear. The fear is then repressed and is communicated as a moral judgement that seeks to censor sexuality.

And so, we have two opposing policies, both of which come from the same knowing. One says, “It is a source of great power, let us set it free.” While the other says, “It is indeed a source of great power which can destroy us, let us tightly control it.”

Each polarity carries important information. But each remains incomplete as long as it denies the wisdom contained in the other. Those who endeavor to establish laws to censor sexual expression are forever the slaves of sex, simply because we are slaves to anything that we fear. Such individuals are forever battling pornography, prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation, as well as their own secret desires to experience those very things. Likewise, individuals who advocate the free and full expression of sexuality cannot do so (and survive) if they minimize or reject the fear that compels us to censor it, for that same fear is the echo of a deep memory of the potentially explosive force carried on the wings of sexual expression.

Therefore, one who earnestly wishes to realize the full potency of sexual energy will respectfully listen to both the advocates and critics of sexual expression, recognizing the information contained in both.

— Rodolfo Scarfalloto, The Alchemy of Opposites

Duality / Singularity

To be in duality is to perceive opposing forces. To be in singularity is to perceive unity. Duality sees life in its diversity. Singularity sees life in its sameness.

Duality gives us the ability to analyze, describe, dissect, discern, categorize, document, set goals, compete, and experience a sense of achievement or failure.

Singularity does not compete, for it does not recognize anything outside of self. It does not say, “There be duality, and here be I, singularity.” Likewise, a mind that is operating in singularity does not say, “I am in singularity, and that poor idiot out there is stuck in duality.”

The perception that, “I am moving along a continuum from duality into singularity” can only be made by the mind in duality. Once the “shift” is made into singularity, the mind perceives that it really hasn’t gone anywhere. There was no race, and no one came in first.

Be that as it may, the mind in duality wants to know: How do we shift from duality consciousness to singularity? We move toward singularity just by recognizing it here-and-now in our feelings of affection, compassion, thankfulness, empathy and kinship. When singularity is expressed purely in the world of duality, doing the laundry feels equally important to the experience of timeless bliss. In fact, the reason we cannot sustain the state of timeless bliss is the lingering perception that it is “better” than doing laundry, paying taxes or driving to work on Monday morning. Quite literally, our judgment of duality pulls us back into it.

To live in duality is to question. To experience singularity is to know the answer. To give singularity more importance than duality is to place the question at war with the answer. To question is simply to desire the answer. If the question devalues itself, there can be no answer.

— Rodolfo Scarfalloto, The Alchemy of Opposites

Choice creates destiny, while simultaneously, choices are created by destiny. It is paradoxical if we merely think about it. We may comprehend it as a thought only through analogy. But it is plainly obvious when it is experienced as a feeling. The feeling (if it could speak) might say, “If I follow this course, I know how it’s going to turn out, because I have already done it… I see that I’m drawn to choose the seashore because I am already there.” In other words, the so-called conscious choice is recognized as the unconscious knowing that (in one reality) it has already been done. We simply choose that which is most familiar to us. To become fully aware of this process means that we are in a position to truly set course on a new Choice and a new Destiny.

The Alchemy of Opposites

Truth withheld explodes into violence. If it doesn’t explode into overt violence, it lingers as covert violence, often taking the form of resentment, gossip or neglect. In other words, suppressed truth leads to rage; rage withheld is typically expressed in a covert manner by subtly shooting down our neighbors and feeding on their fallen flesh.

We cannot lie in one aspect of self and be totally truthful in other aspects. There is just one self. We may speak of the self as having many aspects, but every aspect affects every other aspect. The total self may be likened to a hologram in which every ‘part’ contains every other part. If we lie in one aspect, the entire system is affected.

The Alchemy of Opposites