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Stillpoint - Original Mix


Black Light

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Orphx - Stillpoint

House, you will always be my first love. You will always be the most reliable, from the the comfort of my home and headphones to your presence in the clubs, but when I need absolution, I will run far and fast to techno. There’s nothing like being beaten by a beautiful, loud system with a maestro behind the decks. It is entrancing, it clarifies and empties the mind. I feel that this works similarly on others and get a stronger sense of tribal union on the floor than I have with any other genre. House lets me express my emotions, but techno takes me to another level of consciousness. It washes away the ego and blurs the borders between individuals.

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The best techno

…I will hear all weekend may have very well been at 1515 Broadway. It was so dark you could barely see your neighbor’s face, and so muggy I actually said fuck it, took off my shirt and danced behind the madness up on the seating steps in back. I’m surprised I tore it up for as long as I did on so little fuel and sleep. I took a final break outside and knew it was time to call it. So salty (literally and figuratively) that I’m missing the rest of an unbelievable lineup. The music just kept getting better, but heatstroke is NO JOKE. I have half a mind to take a disco nap and head back out but I want to make sure I get the most out of my last day here. Finally worked up an appetite and all I have is a soggy day old salad that hasn’t been refrigerated. Let’s hope it does more good than harm.

I don’t see this as a failure but as wisdom put in practice. Don’t insist on testing the limits when you been riding the border between ecstasy and collapse. I consider it a victory if I wake up in time for Old Miami this morning. I hope I get to kick it with all the beautiful friends I didn’t get to see yet this year, and to see more of the ones I did. If you’re still standing and not feeling it where you’re at, make your way to NO WAY BACK. Just be prepared, it’s a mix of torture and spiritual bliss. Bring a fan, and MOVE IT. If you’re standing around, leave the floor to the dance troops.

Jon Hopkins | “Open Eye Signal” | Official MV

Directed by Aoife McArdle

A journey of reckless abandon across the vast American landscape with a young, seemingly inexhaustible skateboarder appearing to be caught in a perpetual dreamlike motion. He skates through sprawling suburbs, vacant desert landscapes and endless stretches of coastline. Cryptic symbols and intriguing characters punctuate his journey, adding a mysterious subtext and turning his exhilarating escape into a transformational journey of discovery.

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Roughquest - Northern Lights

The twelfth installment in the Cut records release saga comes from Roughquest. Based in Berlin, James brings us some strong experimental bass-weight in the form of the three-track Hybrid EP.

Taking clear influence from the world of classic dubstep, techno, dub, traditional and tribal forms of music this EP is an expansive exploration of rhythm and tech-styled melody

— Cut Music


Cut never ceases to impress me with their quality releases, they’re by far one of the best netlabels out there.

Hexagons - Zomby




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Zomby - Hexagons

Futuristic dystopian chase theme. A taste from Adultswim’s Unclassified compilation, a collection of rare and unreleased beats featuring world class heavyweights Burial, Actress, SBTRKT, Untold, Kode9, Starkey, and more.

Get it here.

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Efdemin - Bergwein

Set adrift on soft crystalline chimes kindred to Pantha du Prince's deep winter vibe.

Isotroph Dj Set @ Live “Philosophie #1”

Few reach this darkly lush plateau—the kind that sublimates the floor into aural mist. Isotroph blends a hypnotic selection of deep. Psychotropic melt-your-panties insanity. Enjoy.

Duration: 1 hr 13 min | 192 kbps | Download: 103 MB


Sigha - Light Swells (In a distant place) 
Deepchord - Vantage (cv313 reduction II) 
Isotroph - Crossroads 
Neat - Lime and Sugar 
Phaeleh - Sundown 
Isotroph - Lymbe 
Icicle - Xylophobia 
Isotroph - Lymbe (F remix) 
Isotroph - Kenya (Blind Prophet remix) 
Isotroph - Kenya 
Isotroph - Nenuphar (Neat remix) 
Alix Perez - Metric 
Kryptic Mind - Hybrid 
Helixir - The big wheel 
Anansi - Peri’s dub 
Isotroph - nenuphar 
Luke hess - Agape dub 
Deepchord - Vantage isle (dc mix I) 
Echospace - Sonorous (misdst of something beautiful mix) 
P.H.2 - Constellation 
Minilogue - Cow, Crickets And Clay 
Luke hess - son beams 
beat pharmacy featuring spaceape - Ghostship (deadbeat remix) 
Re-drum - Microcosmos 
Ub313 - trak 6 (echospace reshaped dub) 
Beat pharmacy - sunshine 
Pablo Bolivar - My own reality 
Intrusion - Montego bay 
Mikkel metal - Iommer (Pablo bolivar remix) 
Blind Prophet - Recollection (Isotroph remix) 
Deepchild - Glitches aint ship 
Ben Klock - Pulse

soul in motion (feat. sandy mill)

will saul

space between

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Will Saul - Soul in Motion (feat. Sandy Mill)

Something to calm the storm and carry the tide for those unceasingly winding nights.

Lux Repeat - Avoiding You

Bartholomäus Traubeck has created a music video for the band Lux Repeat that takes place entirely in the glitchy landscape of Google Earth. Instead of feeling arid and boring (like minimal electronica can be), the music becomes the perfect in-flight soundtrack to a fantastic voyage over a polygonal twilight world.

via Co.Design

Help spread the word and get Lux Repeat’s debut EP, Passing the Light Barrier, for free.